Ruhr-Gebiet——Allen Ginsberg

In Uncategorized on 九月 15, 2009 at 12:40 下午
Too much industry
too much eats
too much beer
too much cigarettes
Too much philosophy
too much thought forms
not enough rooms——
not enough trees
Too much Police
too much computers
too much hi fi
too much Pork
Too much coffee
too much smoking
under gray slate roofs
too much obedience
Too many bellies
too many business suits
too much paperwork
too many magazines
Too much industry
No fish in the Rhine
Lorelei poisoned
Too much embarrassent
Too many fatigued
workers on the train
Ghost jews scream
on the streetcorner
Too much old murder
too much white torture
too much one Stammheim
too many happy Nazis
Too many crazy students
Not enough farms
not enough Appletrees
Not enough nut trees
Too much money
Too many poor
turks without vote
"Guests" do the work
Too much metal
Too much fat
Too many jokes
not enough meditation
Too much anger
Too much sugar
Too many smokestacks
Not enough snow
Too many radioactive
plutonium wastebarrels
Take the Rhine gold
Build a big tomb
A gold walled grave
to bury deadly nuclear slag
all the Bank’s gold
Shining impenetrable
All the German gold
will save the nation
Build a gold house
to bury the Devil
December 15, 1979
  1. 30 years later yet nothing changed.

  2. shi a~~but I don’t understand the "german" part.

  3. German Gold应该是指2战时期纳粹从各占领地搜刮的的宝藏。

  4. To me Rhein gold or German gold implies everything that’s pure and valueable in nature, like Rhein gold in Nibelungensring, if exploited, it would lose its ture magic of love and become curse of power and the origin of envy and struggle. As one can tell form the first part of the poem, Germany did not only lost in WWII but also in the 60s and 70s, in nation’s mentality and health, no matter forced or not. That explains the barrenness of post-war cultural life, and to some extend the ignorance slash arrogance of the countrymen as well. More importantly, of course, why I am here in SGP. LOLAnd "bury" the devil is quite a smart way to put this…


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